Nils Notifications Lock Screen Apk (for Android) Download


Nils Notifications Lock Screen Apk (for Android) Download

Nils Notifications Lock Screen Apk for android

Nils Notifications Lock Screen For android, actionable and extremely customizable notifications under your lock screen. NiLS is the merely notifications app that enable quick reply directly as of your lock screen for more than a few apps – including the WhatsApp, Hangouts, Telegram and a lot of more mail or messaging apps Nils Notifications Lock Screen Android notification app known to work by means of most of the lock screen apps counting WidgetLocker, GoLocker, LockerPro, Cover and a lot of more.

Nils Notifications Lock Screen Apk File

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Nils Notifications Lock Screen features

1. Displayed on top of one lock screen (no matter if it ropes widgets or not).
2. Provides swiping gesture such as swipe true to dismiss, drag icon to open, take down to dismiss all, etc.
3. Displays full announcement content as it appears on Android notification bar and provides ability to perform proceedings such as archive gmail or reply missed call with SMS if available on the announcement.
4. Allow you to quick reply to a letter directly from the lock screen on numerous supported apps.
5. Highly customizable and provide 3rd party themes support.
Use swiping gestures to interact with the notifications:

• Swipe announcement left or right to dismiss.
• Swipe notifications list down to send home all.
• Swipe notification icon precise to open notification or perform additional actions.
• Click to show a preview, roll down or up in the preview to understand writing the whole conversation, or swift reply directly from there.

Customize Nils Notifications Lock Screen apk however you want:

1. Set position and size, somewhere you want on your lock screen.
2. Set any colors you crave as your title color & text color, font sizes & vertical alignment .
3. Change icon background and notification background.
4. Show multiple lines of each announcement and change image size.
5. Use 3rd party themes for huge looking notification.

Here Is the link of Nils Notifications Lock Screen download Click on>> Zippyshare

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