Precious Eyes – Download Blue light cut APK


Precious Eyes – Download Blue light cut APK,On the off chance that you need to interpret dialect of Precious Eyes-Blue light into your local dialect, please send us an email. (default : English)We have an arrangement to enroll your key commitment in the Precious Eyes.Precious Eyes – Download Blue light

Precious Eyes – Download Blue light cut APK

Precious Eyes
Precious Eyes

Free Download Precious Eyes-Blue light

  1.  Unlovable.. uncomfortable.. complex.. difficult..
    Precious Eyes appeared to solve the problem.^^
  2. Lovely.. comfortable .. simple.. easy..
    PreciousEyes is will protect your precious eyes via bluelignt cutting!
  3. A simple description of Precious Eyes
  4.  You can just On / Off in the notification window!
  5. You can easily change the filter mode in the notification window!
  6.  You can set the desired value of each filter mode.


8 kinds of modes :
Blue Light, Work, Cure, Angry, Sleep, Eat, Toilet, Sunshine

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– Even if you turn off the mobile phone, PreciousEyes is automatically executed after restarting.

Precious Eyes-Blue light

New features

  1.  Flash Light !
  2.  Quick App function !
    – You can immediately run after you register the App that frequently to be used…^^
  3.  Pro version!
  4.  There is no the ad.
  5.  Low memory usage !
  6.  Unlimited Quick Launch App + Schedule function !
  7.  You can register up to 5. (Each five of them)

What’s New about Precious Eyes:

[V3.0.6]1) Fixed the problem that On / Off did not work well
2) Change schedule setting method
(Example: 19:00 ~ 07:00)

Additional information about Precious Eyes

Precious Eyes – Blue light cut
Package light
3.48 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By 
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